Mitch Luckett:
22nd (formerly 21st) Century Troubadour: Author/Musician/Storyteller

Mitch Luckett, born in Hawk Point, Missouri, is currently a resident of Brinnon, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. He is an avid birder and loves walking his dogs, Mim, a West Highland White Terrier, and Milo, a mutt of some breeding.
Mitch Luckett
A bluegrass and old-timey musician, Mitch combines two art forms, music and storytelling, into humorous and sometimes poignant stage performances. His CD Tall Tales & Blue Grass is available by snail mail directly from Mitch (see contact information below).

As a free-lance writer for thirty-five years, Mitch has written dozens of articles and short stories published in regional magazines and newspapers. For two decades he wrote a popular monthly naturalist column for The Warbler newsletter/magazine of the Audubon Society of Portland. Two of his pieces are in Wild in the City, a guidebook of natural areas in Portland, Oregon. To Kill a Common Loon is his first published novel as a trade paperback in 2001 and later as an ebook. A sequel, The Man in the Loon, was published in 2013.

In a departure from LOONs, Mitch is looking forward to the Fall 2020 release of The Holy Roller Heart—a quirky coming-of-age novel about a backwoods farm boy who confronts cars, religion and not-so-innocent sex in the little Ozark town of Scuttles Grunt, MO.

Whether Ozark Mountain tall tales, narrative songs, Olympic Mountain parables, Native American myths or novel-length yarns, Mitch has a gift for the art of storytelling.

Contact Mitch for readings or performances.
Mitch Luckett
162 Overbrook Lane
Brinnon, WA, 98320

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