Lyin’, Sighin’, Dyin’, Cryin’ and Goin’ Away…

Yes, You do have a Voice
Mitch Luckett
Voice, if you study the manuals, is what agents and editors want most. Yet, a perusal of writing reference materials in bookstores, leads you to the sad conclusion that it’s a most important aspect of literature but written about the least. It’s like a D.H. Lawrence poem—-and I paraphrase: “Love, the thing you need most, is the one thing you can’t find by looking for.” All indications are voice is the one thing you need most to snag an agent or publisher but it cannot be taught or learned. You’re either born with it or without it. Bullpucky. Everyone has a natural literary voice. Voice is nothing fancy. It is simply the way you, the writer, project yourself artistically; the humor, irony and attitude. Like a singer’s vocal chords: diaphragm, phrasing, timing and rhythm. Voice is the sound of the storyteller that the reader hears in his/her head while reading a book. Signposts, maps, myths, sources of inspiration and clues exist for finding your own natural voice. If you want to hear a voice crying out in the wilderness, check out my novel “To Kill A Common Loon.”
Mitch Luckett

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