Tall Tales & Blue Grass

Try to imagine if Garrison Keillor’s early influences were Ozarks and Pentecostal instead of Minnesota and Lutheran… That’s what you’ll find on Tall Tales & Blue Grass, the debut CD from Mitch Luckett, author of To Kill a Common Loon. In song and story Mitch answers such questions as “what could wipe the smile off a dead man’s face?”, “is it possible to find true love on the road to Wieser?” and “what is Mitch’s signature doing on his very own birth certificate?”

Played on folk stations from Bozeman to Scranton and points in between!

Also featured on the CD are the banjo and harmonica tunes that form the backdrop of his novel.

Listen to an excerpt (duration 4:40):

      Grampa Joe

“sheesh…. Who *is* this guy Mitch Luckett…?”
— John McLaughlin, “College Radio for the Pocanos,” WESS, 90.3 FM, Stroudsburg, PA.

Mitch Luckett
To order Tall Tales and Blue Grass contact:
Mitch Luckett
162 Overbrook Lane
Brinnon, WA, 98320

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