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Mitch Luckett

Author, Storyteller, Musician

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Whether Ozark Mountain tall tales, narrative songs, Olympic Mountain parables, or novel-length yarns, Mitch has a gift for the ancient art of storytelling.


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Holy Roller Heart 

A Novel 

Holy Roller Heart is a southern gothic, coming-of-age, murder mystery set in the 1950s. Thirteen-year-old Moses Grady Witt is a Missouri mugwump navigator, a’straddling a barbed-wire fence while trying to touch both sides of the ground. On one side is Pentecostal zealotry—on the other, Ozarkian witchery. The strain at times almost rips our hero apart. Lucky for Mo Grady, his tiny twin sister, Millie Faye, is there to save him or so she thinks. Mix in a giant Russian boar, a red, bran’-spankin’-new, ’55 Chevrolet, a magic magnet, and a coffin that won’t stay in the grave, plus a cast of unconventional characters and you’re in for a wild ride in the vein of Mark Twain.

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"Mitch Luckett brings the best of Ozark Gothic and Magical Realism into focus in this story of family troubles, young love, and coming of age... Reading this perfect hill-folk tapestry of 1950’s rustic life, I found myself cringing with horror, laughing out loud, and whooping with triumph.”

Eric Witchey

 Award-winning author

Holy Roller Heart is a wholly unique, Ozark-gothic coming-of-age story. Thirteen-year-old Mo Grady’s rollicking journey toward adulthood is as funny and entertaining as it is heartrending and inspiring. Author Mitch Luckett is a goddamn national treasure.”

Jennie Shortridge

Bestselling author of

Love Water Memory and other novels

Praise For
Holy Roller Heart



Say 'Hello' to Mitch! 

Mitch at table at Fjord Fest May 2023  - Copy.png

May 20th (Saturday) 2023, 1PM - 2:30 PM

Holy Roller Heart Book Launch:

Reading, Music & Book Signing

Quilcene Community Center, Washington 

Memorial Day Weekend: May 27th-28th, 2023, 10AM - 6PM

Mitch is playing music & selling his books

Hood Canal FjordFest 

Brinnon, Washington

June 10th (Saturday) 2023, 12:30PM - 2PM

Holy Roller Heart Reading & Book Signing

Brinnon Community Center, Washington 

June 28th (Wednesday) 2023, 5:30PM - 7PM

Music, Reading & Book Signing

Jefferson County Library - Humphrey Room

Port Hadlock, Washington 

July 29th (Saturday) 2023, 12PM - 6PM

Mitch is playing music & selling his books/cd

At Cove County Store - Vintage Car and Camper Show

303075 US Hwy 101, Brinnon, Washington 

October 7th (Saturday) 2023, 10AM - 4PM

Mitch is storytelling & selling his books/cd

At 2nd Annual Quilcene Fiber Festival - Worthington Park

151 E. Columbia Street, Quilcene, Washington 

October 17th (Tuesday) 2023, 1PM - 2PM

Holy Roller Heart Reading & Book Signing

Lincoln County (LCCOA) - Community Center LIBRARY

1380 Boone Street, Troy, Missouri 

November 7th (Tuesday) & 12th (Sunday) 2023, 12:30 PM - 1PM

Cris Wilson Interview With Mitch About Holy Roller Heart 

Booklovers' Cafe - KPTZ Port Townsend 91.9 FM Radio 

To Be Streaming On KPTZ Podcast Page

About Mitch Luckett

Mitch Luckett spent the first 12 years of his life on a hard-scrabble farm in the hills of ol' Missouri. He did a stint in the Navy during the Vietnam era and returned to Missouri to get a BA in English Literature from Truman University. He then headed west to Oregon and settled on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. He has been a hod-carrier, pre-school teacher, landscaper, school bus driver, and Portland Audubon Nature Sanctuaries Director.

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